Turning dreams into deals

in a few

We were born out of the desire to create omnichannel solutions to that fuel your customers entire shopping journey.


As experts in 3D, client and project management in the furniture and kitchen industries, Innersense and SPI Software merged in early 2020. This is our story.

It’s time to put an end to THE “good taste” that standards disguised as trends seek to impose. Because everyone has their own definition of what is beautiful.

INSPI understands this! We are here to agree with the eccentrics as much as the wise, with the revolutionaries as much as the conformists. All styles and tastes are in the future and we are very proud to make that future possible. .

We have worked hard to understand the rules of your business and today we know them better than anyone else. Our desire is to help you sell better, by accompanying each of your customers to choose a personalized interior exactly as they want it.

At INSPI, we spend our time saving our clients’ time. We understand, respect and solve the complexity of your business in a simple and surprising offer of digital solutions: we want to look beyond your market and remain your partner in the long term.

What we do.

Simplifying the management and presentation of your products to increase your sales.

For professionals of the furniture and kitchen industry.

Leave complexity behind. Show your customers your beautiful products, customizable to taste. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our values

Committed, for our clients

We commit in the long-term to our clients to enable them to digitalize their field of activity.

Human, by passion

It’s by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients we were able to understand the complexity of their business.

Innovative, always

Because we like to change our perspective, to move forward and to research. It is by taking a break from our daily tasks that our most beautiful innovations emerge.

« Inspi finds its purpose in the alliance of high-performance and innovative technologies with tangible frontline problems in a sector and professions that we have known and practiced for more than 20 years now. »


« Based on our respective experiences at Innersense and SPI Software, we offer a range of proven solutions, both online and in-store, to transform the sales and shopping experience for our clients’ consumers. »


Your key contacts

Thierry Racinais


Thierry founded SPI Software while at business school and has worked to develop innovative software solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry in all markets. He ensures that INSPI’s strategy contributes to the coming of the digital home for all.

Xavier Crouilles


A Supélec engineer by training, Xavier quickly chose to move into sales and business management positions to complete his training and trace his own path. Deeply human and with inexhaustible energy, Xavier federates the team, oversees business development and export, and drives the projects for the benefit our clients.

Stéphane Mercier


A Telecom Engineer (IMT Atlantique) and Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction (ISAE Supaero), Stéphane chose entrepreneurship and co-founded Innersense in 2014. Resolutely focused on innovation, he manages Inspi’s technical team, product development and research projects to combine the latest technologies to enhance the user experience of INSPI solutions.

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Businesses & Solutions Expert

An engineer in production engineering, Jean-Marc began his career by managing a wood Innovation and Technology Transfer Center before joining SPI Software, which he co-founded, to ensure product research and development in Europe and North America. He is constantly on the lookout for innovations to make digital technology more user-friendly.

Emmanuel Maurette

EVP of Sales and Marketing, US

Employee of the group since his career start in 2015, Emmanuel started as a salesman in France before launching the INSPI group subsidiary on the North American market.

Benjamin Helwani

European Sales manager – Company Solutions

With customer satisfaction in mind, Benjamin joined our adventure in 2011. He provides digital solutions specifically designed for the actors of the Furniture and Kitchen industry.

Fonabio Marraro

European Sales Manager – 3D&AR

Fonabio has been involved in the business development of the company since 2015. Very attentive, he is committed to the growth of 3D&RA solutions in line with the operational needs of manufacturers and distributors.

Filippo Zanetti

Country Manager, Italia

Filippo Zanetti lived 10 years between Paris and Melbourne and spent 26 years at IBM where he built his career in supply chain. He manages the Italian subsidiary of INSPI and sits on the board of many innovative companies.

We developers, integrators, graphic designers – and all the others – are very proud to accompany you and to make possible today what seemed unthinkable yesterday.


Solutions that boost engagement.

Our solutions are designed to highlight your products. A post, an advertisement, a website or the simple fact of observing a 3D product from every angle with an INSPI tool guarantees you an exponential engagement rate.

The engagement of your consumers is increased by a factor of ten, interactions are multiplied.

A visualization solution significantly increases your conversion rate.

Because consumers need to see, explore and customize to feel confident in their purchase decision.

The increase in your conversion rate when you are equipped with our solutions.

Digitalization keeps its promises.

With hundreds of thousands of users around the world, our solutions are proven, cutting-edge and always improving performance. Turning dreams into deals, INSPI’s goal has never been more meaningful.

The annual business volume transiting through INSPI solutions!

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