A single content for all uses

ContentManager is the solution for managing and distributing your 3D + visualization assets that guarantees you exceptional flexibility and full control.


Let us help you do your job.

You manufacture, produce, and sell at an unbridled pace.

We transform your paper catalogs into 3D catalogs. We manage their contents together while leaving you in control at every instant.

3D fully customized!

3D fully customized!

INSPI brilliantly meets this challenge by offering identical reproductions and by taking into account the specificities of your products: open, closed, folded out, with or without accessories. Our graphic designers know the art and the way.

You are in control.

You are in control.

ContentManager is a powerful web tool that you can access at any time. Use our platform to manage source images and product information, validation, follow new 3D production status, exports: everything is implemented so that you can manage your content.

Define your online catalogs.

Define your online catalogs.

Our platform  enables your web or app catalogs to be tailored to your world: display of prices according to the product configurations and the markets addressed, connection to a shopping cart, not to mention the catalogs available in 17 languages.

Quality, of course.

We provide you with an irreproachable 3D model and have a sincere approach to quality. The grain of a specific leather, the vein of a certain wood, the texture of a fabric, nothing is left aside.

A 3D optimized for all uses.

The 3D that we provide is downloadable in many formats from our platform. We are committed to your satisfaction, it is compatible with a multitude of tools: ours and all others …

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Your 3D will never be showcased that well.

Forget paper catalogs, make way for digital and its multiple possibilities: one product, 10 cushion shapes, 15 arms, 20 wood finishes and 100 tones of leather. Impossible is nothing for INSPI.

Discover our 3D configurator

Application Luis Silva by INSPI

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Our desire: help you sell by supporting each of your customers, from inspiration to delivery, so they live in an interior that resembles them.

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